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May 8th 2019

Since out establishing in 1993 in Copenhagen, we have been producing a variety of short films, "authored" documentaries and educational films. Our personal films are generally pursuing a filmic truth rather than just being a witness to reality: Imagination must not overshadow reality, but reality must not stand in the way of imagination. Latest films of some scale was "My Avatar and Me" (dir. Bente Milton and Mikkel Stolt) and "FAITH" by director Jens Loftager.

Our cross media branch works as a consultant and developer in interactivity. We do development and solutions in interactive exhibitions with a strong focus on use of audiovisuals and narrativity. With our collaborators, we're often moving the boundaries of user-interaction in exhibitions through the use of unique user-ID systems and new types of system interfaces for individuals and group collaboration. Advanced solutions built from scratch. FILM-X at Danish Film Insitute is an example of this work.

Films we make for educational purposes and/or in conjunction with interactive exhibitions are always made with a heart - and with the mind.

Currently, we are also engaged in developing computer-games ie. a comprehensive one for vet students (and people working in the pig industry), in close collaboration with University of Copenhagen and the relevant authorities.

The company is established by Jeppe Raasthøj and Mikkel Stolt (2001) but as of May 1st 2021 solely owned and run by Jeppe Raasthøj.

A lot of our commissioned work has been for Danish Film Institute, Danish Broadcasting Corporation, Experimentarium (Copenhagen Science Center) and Danish Rock Museum while our own projects have been supported by institutions such as Danish Film Institute, Danish Ministry of Education, Danish Broadcasting Corp. (DR-TV), MEDIA (EU), SVT (Swedish Television), Danish Film Directors and Danish Ministry of Culture.

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