"FAITH" by Jens Loftager at CPH:DOX 2018

Third part of the trilogy which acclaimed director Jens Loftager started with WORDS in 1994 and continued in 2003 with WAR, had its world premiere at CPH:DOX and afterwards was shown in four Danish cinemas with very favourable reviews. It received support from Danish Film Institute, DR and YLE. It's an ambitious project with an internationally renowned crew, a.o. Oscar and BAFTA winner Anthonny Dod Mantle as DOP and Henrik Gugge Garnov as sound designer (just like they were on the two previous films). Fenris' Mikkel Stolt is the producer and he strongly urges you to join the film's Facebook-page.

International sales is handled by First Hand Films and you can watch a trailer and read more about the film at their site.



Big format

Poster by Claus Lynggaard


Mikkel Stolt reviews docs
(19/11 2014)

Director/producer Mikkel has a lot of opinions which is apparent on his blog (in mainly English) and due to the fact that he's a recurrent guest reviewer (all in English) at www.filmkommentaren.dk. During CPH:DOX he reviewed films by Michel Gondry and Wim Wenders and the film about Edward Snowden.

Til Filmkommentaren

Filmkommentaren is run and mainly written by Tue Steen Müller og Allan Berg Nielsen, two great nestors of the Danish documentary scene.


"Fado" on Vimeo

Anders Leifer's beautiful film is now on Fenris' VOD-page on Vimeo, w. English subs - for rent and for sale. Read more and watch film. (April 2014)

Læs mere og se filmen
(Foto: Henrik Ipsen)


"My Avatar and Me" on Vimeo

In co-production with Bente Milton, and co-directed by and starring Fenris' own Mikkel Stolt, this feature length "documentary fantasy" premiered on ARTE on March 26th 2010. The film is financed by New Danish Screen (Danish Film Institute, Danish Broadcasting Corp. (DR-TV) and TV2/Denmark), MEDIA and ZDF/ARTE among others. The plot is kinda hard to explain, so see for yourself.

Read about it here where you can also follow links to the film itself and further info.

On May 18th 2011 we had special event in Copenhagen with the Danish premiere and Q&A in a cinema with links to other Danish cinemas AND Second Life, where the film will be streamed at the same time. Maybe for the first time in history, and our man Jeppe Raasthøj with SL-photographer Rob Gould and Peter Mark's team made an excellent cinecast. Mikkel sat in the panel for Q&A. (February 2014)

Rob Gould and Jeppe Raasthøj working on the SL/RL cinecast

The film has been at several film festivals (incl. IDFA in Amsterdam, Nordic Film Days in Lübeck; Cleveland; Krakow; EuroDok in Oslo).

NB: Although the film is about a smalltime and out-of-luck director, Mikkel, in a small basement company, the company from the film is really owned by Mikkel and his business partner Jeppe Raasthøj. There were just no room for him in the film :). Besides making films, we work with highly technical and interactive solutions for museums and the like.

Read all about it!

(Photo: Henrik Ipsen)


"The Organizers - on and off" as VOD

The film with the Danish-American jazz band is finally available. It can be seen as VOD and it costs 2 US$ for seven days. The film was Mikkel Stolt's debut from 1995 and is a mix of a concert film and a behind-the-secens piece of "direct cinema". Supported my Ministry of Culture, Danish Music Council, The Ben Webster Foundation a.o.

Click on the picture to watch the film. (November 2011)

If you have an opinion on the film, don't hesitate to tell Mikkel, now when he's been so bold to agree on reviewing other people's films on www.filmkommentaren.dk.

Se filmen
(Bob Rockwell, photo: Morten Ishøj)



"Rock Me" touring Denmark
(April 2010)

Danish Rock Museum's interactive exhibit, "Rock Me", which we at Fenris have contributed greatly to, is moving around in Denmark. Jeppe Raasthøj co-developed the whole thing with among others poco piu/poco piu design, and he is responsible for software and programming. Mikkel Stolt directed the music video backgrounds for "The BeatBlock scene".

Link to DRM's website 

(Design: Frk. Madsen & Katja Bjarnov Lage Grafik)

FILM-X On-The-Road and other multimedia
(January 2010)

A travelling version of the FILM-X interactive studios at Danish Film Institute in Copenhagen has been exhibited in London. Our head of programming, Jeppe Raasthøj, was in charge of the production and he and our collaborators worked hard to get the whole thing ready for opening. Later on this mobile studio meant for kids experiencing filmmaking, has been around in Denmark and also in Damascus, Syria.

Also, we have made various programming for costumers like Abott/Denmark, Copenhagen Science Center (Experimentarium), The National Museum, Danish Film Institiute and Danish Rock Museum.

Read more - in Danish

(design: Koch&Täckmann/Pernille Volder Lund)

Two new docs from Fenris:

A Duck-umentary and Bongo Superstars
January 2010)

Mikkel Stolt's A Duck-umentary about his in-law's traditional celebration of St. Martins Day in Denmark will soon be available as VOD on www.movieurope.dk

Director Signe Stæhr's first film, Bongo Superstars about a group of bongo-rap musicians in Dar-Es-Salaam, was nominated for a SHORT:DOX award during CPH:DOX 2009. Co-produced by Fenris Film & Multimedia and Mikkel was also executive producer.

Read about the film - in Danish though

Will the skin be crispy enough? (photo: J. Raasthøj)


Documentary Hospital Memories at Odense Film Festival
(August 2008)

The documentary film, Hospital Memories, produced at Fenris Film & Multimedia, received funding from Danish Film Institute and is to be shown at Odense Film Festival this month. It's about grown-ups thinking back on their childhood marred by extensive hospitalizing. Director Lars Bo Kimergård uses a special interviewing technique which brings out long forgotten stories and moods. Shooting took place in August 2006, and it premiered in 2007.

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Morten Fenger (photo: Mette Juul)


Music film for kids
(May 2006)

After funding from Danish Film Institute, director-producer-scriptwriter Mikkel Stolt and composer Søren Siegumfeldt has completed the recording of the soundtrack to a short film about the somewhat mysterious connection between a group of kids in a backyard and some musicians somewhere in a studio. Some of Denmark's best musicians participate, a.o. drummer Kresten Osgood and up-and-coming singer Karina Kappel.

Karina Kappel's homepage

Singer Karina Kappel (photo: Mikkel Stolt)


"Fado" sold to Mezzo
(November 2005)

The documentary film, "Fado", directed by Anders Leifer and produced at Fenris Film & Multimedia, has just had a couple of screenings at French TV-channel, Mezzo and at The Arts Channel in New Zealand. World distribution is by 10FRANCS in Paris, and there's more about the film here, including a link to the distributor, where you can find a video clip.


Fado-singer Zé Antonio in the streets of Lisboa (photo: Henrik Ipsen, dff)


Pre-project for Danish Rock Museum
(February 2005)

The city of Roskilde has initiated a huge project which is to present Danish rock history in a state-of-the-art manner to the general public. Together with Ida Toldbod from poco piu, Fenris Film & Multimedia is engaged in developing the concept for the whole exhibition in general and the interactive content in specific. This part of the project will last for one year.

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(Artwork: Christina Fromberg)


Satirical short film
(November 2004)

On the 14. of May, the Danish crown prince got married, and the event was covered massively for months by every media. Director and scriptwriter Mikkel Stolt came up with this so called docomedy: It's kind of true and kind of funny in a subversive kind of way! (See article from international magazine DOX about this HERE, written by director M. Stolt) Premiere at local documentary cinema in November. Photography by Jeppe Raasthøj and editing by Lars Bo Kimergård. Supported by The Association of Danish Film Directors.

The Princess and the Crown Prince. This is how damn close we got! (photo: Jeppe Raasthøj)


Talking with children
(September 2004)

Social workers need to be better prepared to have a "professional" dialogue with children. Two new films produced by Fenris Film & Multimedia in collaboration with The National School of Social Work in Copenhagen is going to be used in the education of new social workers. Mikkel Stolt produced and composed the musical theme.

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(Photo: Magnus Jønck)


(September 2004)

Head of our multimedia department, Jeppe Raasthøj, is currently working on the programming of an educational DVD-ROM, which will accompany a new short film, "Perker"/"Rage" (Dir.: Dennis Petersen, Radiator Film, 2002). Danish Film Institute is the customer and freelancer Barbara K. Scherfig is adapting the material.

No link

(frame grab/photo: Anders Holck)


"Fado" in Chicago
(March 2004)

The documentary film, "Fado", was shown at Gene Siskel Film Center in March. See the review from Chicago Reader. Also, the film earned 3 (out of 4) stars in Chicago Tribune. It was also shown at Vancouver International Film Festival in November.

It is a film from the heart of Lisbon where locals sing - and live for - the Portuguese music style, fado. Directed by Anders Leifer and produced by Jeppe Raasthøj and Mikkel Stolt. Supported by Danish Film Institute and pre-sold to and shown at DR TV (Denmark), SVT (Sweden) and YLE Teema (Finland).


(photo: Henrik Ipsen, dff)


Script and development funding for new film
(February 2004)

Commissioning editor Bodil Cold-Ravnkilde from Danish Film Institute granted us funding for development of a new film, for which director Mikkel Stolt wrote a script with help from script consultant Per Schultz. It was to be a film about moral values in the society and in ourselves, and a 4 minutes pilot was finished. Documentary, fiction and animation is mixed in this film aimed at young people. The project is unfortunately put on hold for now.

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(photo: Henrik Ipsen, dff)


FILM-X opened
(December 2002)

In November, Danish Film Institute opened their interactive film "studios" for children and their teachers and parents. It is a highly sophisticated exhibition, and Fenris Film & Multimedia has been in charge of the software programming (J. Raasthøj) and arranging and producing of film material (M. Stolt). Furthermore, we have contributed to the overall developing of the project, which already has proven to be a big success. A lot of people has been working on the project and on the FILM-X link there is more information.


(Artwork: Koch&Täckmann)


Children's documentary
(December 2002)

The Film "We Rule Because!" (Vi Styrer Fordi!") premiered in April 2002, and tells the story about a Danish basketball team of 11 year old boys. Supported financially (100%) by The Danish Film Institute, and later sold to DR TV. Shown at Odense International Film Festival, Nordisk Panorama (Children's Panorama) in Oulu, Finland and BUSTER (Copenhagen International Children's Film Festival). Directed by Mikkel Stolt (also composer) and produced by Jeppe Raasthøj and Mikkel Stolt. Full credits in Danish here.

Pressroom at DFI

(Artwork: Remi Mosko)